Could it be Satan?

March 2003

Back in the early '70ies, there were more than a few scary things out there in the culture (men wearing clogs, for one). But surely nothing topped the 1973 movie "The Exorcist", which triggered regular bouts of histeris and fainting and possibly one miscarriage in theaters across America. Well, get set for more, price of darkness Paul Schrader is currently on location in Morocco shooting a prequel in which Pazuzu, the dyspeptic demon who made a pre-Rick James Linda Blair wet the carpet. Inhabits a boy (pop star Billy Crawford). Stellan Skarsgard (starring in Lars Von Trier's "Dogville" the fall)plays a younger, less world-weary father Merrin, who is aided in his demon wrangling by father Francis (Gabriel Mann, appearing this spring in "Buffalo Soldiers"). Clara Bellar is the nurse with no medical cure for the seriously illin' young boy.

Photograph by Lorenzo Agius

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